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Tesla Semi Truck – A Fully Electric Heavy Duty Vehicle

Tesla Semi Truck – A Fully Electric Heavy Duty Vehicle

The Tesla Semi truck is a fully electric heavy duty and long distance transportation vehicle. It is made by Tesla,  an electric car company founded by Elon Musk. As a company, Tesla began life as the leader in consumer electric vehicles such as the Model S. Now the company has unveiled an all electric semi Truck, called the Tesla Semi. The heavy duty truck is powered by an electric engine but is not yet fully autonomous, or self driving.

To find out more about the Tesla Semi Truck, check out its power specifications, the range it can cover on one charge, and much more below.

Tesla Semi Truck

latest inventions : Tesla Semi Truck

Tesla Semi Truck Stats

  • Four separate motors provide the required power and acceleration
  • Can go from 0-60 mph with 80k lbs in 20 seconds
  • Tesla Semi Truck Mile Range: 300 – 500 miles
  • The powerful engines still only use 2 kWh/mi in energy consumption
  • Its top speed up a 5% Grade is 65 mph
  • Estimated Price $200,000 (USD)

Why is The Tesla Semi Truck Important?

latest inventions: Tesla Semi - Elon Musk
Elon Musk unveiling the Tesla Semi Truck

The Tesla Semi Truck is a bold step into the future of Electric Vehicles (EVs). Many countries are now promoting clean and renewable energies to reduce the emissions caused by fossil-fuels such as petrol and diesel. These fuels are harmful to the environment and are believed to be one of the causes of global warming. In addition, because they are non-renewable, these resources will eventually run out someday. Meanwhile renewable energy sources such as solar power and electricity are seen as less harmful.

Further to this, many governments have pledged to begin phasing out non-renewable power vehicles in the coming years. Consequently, this means that the development of sustainable energy solutions such as EVs is important. As such many companies are now developing electric vehicles of their own. Yet others are working on hybrid cars that are powered by both electric and fossil fuels.

While there are many developments in the consumer vehicle space there are not many examples of bigger all-electric vehicles such as the Tesla Semi Truck The market leader is Tesla, with its range of consumer electric models. And now the company is looking to break into the trucking sector with its clean energy-powered trucks.

In the same way that Tesla’s Model S has been the pioneer in the EV industry, the Tesla Semi Truck is set to be the trailblazer for heavy duty electric vehicles. There are other companies working on mass transit electric vehicles, including Proterra and Mercedes Benz. However for heavy goods transportation Tesla will once again be the one to Beat.

Autonomous Vehicles are the Future

Another future technology trend is that of autonomous cars. Self driving vehicles are another latest invention that is being pursued by car manufacturers. Once again Tesla’s cars already have these capabilities, albeit in a limited capacity. This may mean that the Tesla Semi may one day also be able to be fully autonomous. This is significant as eventually it will mean the elimination of the need for a human driver to control the vehicle.

Check out the stats about to find out exactly what the Tesla truck can do, or visit the official Tesla Semi Truck website here.