Latest Inventions: The Hover Bike

Latest Inventions: The Hover Bike

We have always wanted to create a ‘hover’ anything – and now we have……

Inventor Chris Malloy has apparently created a ‘flying’ machine that looks a bit like the Star Wars floating ‘bikes’ that Princess Leia flew through the woods after meeting the Ewoks!

It has been no easy task – and he has spent his life’s savings and over 2 years of his life just creating the prototype! And it is still tethered to the ground as he isn’t sure what might happen if it actually flies anywhere….

The Design:

His hoverboard is based on the seating and controls of a standard motor bike, but this one can travel at 170mph/270kph and at heights of up to 10,000ft/3,000m!

It has a large propeller attached to the front and another to the rear to stabilise it in flight, but obviously there are no wheels on this ‘bike’; so it sits directly on the floor. And from above looks totally different to how you would expect! Quite sleek and modern looking, made of carbon fibre, and without being too ‘space-age’ or clunky.

However, having no contact with the when moving – it make it great for travelling across muddy fields or across rough terrain! Which may be why he has been designing it with farmers in mind. They could do with a vehicle that doesn’t have to stick to the roads – or worry about what they are travelling through either.

However, he is hoping that they will pay around £30,000 or US$48,000, for the bikes which can fly for around 45 minutes on a single tank.

His Progress:

However, it could still be some times before they are in regular use as it is still in the testing phase – and his prototype is stuck in his back garden!

But he has a great website devoted to it’s progress – and is asking for donations to help get things moving on. This is indeed a latest invention sill in its early stage, but we wish him all the best.  He is also running it as a competition, where each doner is in with a chance of winning a prototype of the hoverbike for themselves…..

Due to the technical specs of his invention, Chris explains that it is virtually the same as designing and creating a functioning helicopter – so won’t be fast or easy. He also reminds potential owners that they will need to train themselves to use it in a similar way to a light aircraft or helicopter too.

Other Applications:

Apart from herding up cattle and popping to the store – this vehicle could have a lot of other useful applications in many fields, for example; to survey land or products that usually require scaffolding, cranes or other machinery.

By flying on the hoverbike you would be able to scan for other things too, like conduct aerial wildlife or ecological surveys (if your subjects weren’t scared off by the engine noise of course) or maybe even chasing car theives without adding another car to the chase!

Other areas of use could be in the search part of search and rescue, watching over parks and wildlife areas and even filming documentaries or films.

Obviously, this is all in the future – but helps with funding and the design process.

If you want to know more then visit his site yourself – although there is no video up yet of the machine flying – click on Maybe if you keep an eye on his progress – or fund him yourself – then you can see it in action very soon!